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Here at Ml'sahe 26, we promote Health & Fitness in a unique way. We utilize the
knowledge, expertise, techniques, and experience as only Professional Athletes
and Collegiate All-Americans can give.  Learn from and be inspired by top level
athletes who've actually lived the life of education, health and fitness.
As a member of the
Ml'sahe 26 Health & Fitness Club, your mind and body are
our main focus. By engaging in mentally and physically challenging activities,
you are actually strengthening your mind in conjunction with your body. Simply
improving your health and fitness; you will find yourself becoming a positive
person by exuding a positive attitude, self-confidence, and a positive outlook on
life. Those are just some of the mental gains achieved through our Health &
Fitness Club. With
Discipline, Drive, Dedication, Determination and a little fun;
all goals are attainable.
There is no way a professional/elite athlete can compete on a high level for years
without being in tuned with their mind and body. They have gone through
rigorous training, injuries, setback, the highs, the lows mentally and physically to
achieve success.  Knowledge through experience as only a professional/elite
athlete can give.
Ml'sahe 26 is offering students, adults, young, old, male, female, underweight,
overweight, athletic and non athletic individuals the opportunity to join
26 Health & Fitness Club
.  Our professional/elite athletes will train your mind and
body for success.  Ml'sahe 26 Health & Fitness Club is here to create a healthier
and stronger you; mentally and physically.    
Services we provide related to Health/Fitness/Education:
Health & Fitness Training
Health & Fitness Consulting
Public Speaking
Mr. Michael Hawthorne - President/CEO
Professional Athlete        
Professional Designer     
Public Speaker              
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Our Goal is to create a Healthier and Stronger you; mentally and physically!
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With Discipline, Drive, Dedication,
Determination and a little fun; all
goals are attainable.    
Ml'sahe 26 is working to fight obesity, reduce
cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, some
cancers, improve mental health, strengthen
bone/muscles, increasing chances of living longer,
improve the lives of others and create positive people
that will join us in this battle!
-M. Hawthorne-